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LiveJournal for unintentional poems.

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Posted by:olimpthagonal.
Time:9:02 pm.
information  directed  By  digital  functions

    1985  repeated  this  brain  stream

    AROUND   the distinct  vicinity  of

    AERO measurements  looking  in to
    the  new  future  like

    time  moving   throught   light

    into  relative  progress
    and  together, this  fast evolution
     gradually,  softened  natural  life.
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Monday, December 11th, 2006

Posted by:byzantine248.
Time:6:29 am.
Hey, like the group! I'm 31, live in Canada, and love throwing together random / cut-up / surreal stuff once in awhile, when I'm not writing novels or short stories or throwing something together music-wise. Always looking for new friends, particularly those with "artistic vision". . .

Corporal Dust Syndrome

A ring bouncing across dreams. . .

I’ll be leavin’ you tonight

Rolling on while I’m driving
Bouncing across porcelain
Easier to be addicted to something is this the darkness
That which I have bought for myself
And heard the fatality
Past the final bar analysis of moments.

Special moments: ties that bind

Words said forever, tie sales which prove which is more precious
The sound of tragedy
Safer within dream than in life.

Is it the end of an infinity
That golden hoop of success
ringing and the same as thoughts Brains any anatomical or someone.

Through it all we are should have been but
exactly as being on top of love
and not into it
Laughing until all of tears
the road Crossing the paths
with the winding river is never crossing the streams
in the atmosphere tonight.

I told her, “Woman, I’ll
Shut down those that ain’t easy
Look to an end
Care about the world
Cars full-steam!
Find someone with me to become a drug addict I fall into
The darkness laughs
I wonder if
Crossing the road anew is like the pit of buying
for a meeting place like Love entwined vile bodies.

Who sent the roses?
Was it was a Jupiter?


Always we fall:
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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Posted by:___gasp.
Time:9:27 pm.
awake, and
colors(all ofasudden-
sudden)   bulge.

jets of mother's milk
            like the rippling of
freSHly Cut
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Posted by:littlejude.
Time:10:34 pm.
the heavens are saturated in fragrances uncounted
its zephyr sweetened with promise of cloud juice
humid consistency congruous to my languid limbs
sleep would enter these chambers favourably
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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Posted by:nesto.
Time:1:13 am.
the wonder wilderness fights below the horizon
i see your words but your mouth still only looks like a cut flower
you make me forget the little things
the rules and temperances
...there's a reason they call it man-ip-u-la-tion you know
stop me if you've heard this one before
but but but
every tiny non-gesture really only hides the truth
i can see past the obvious, the onlyness
i can see the reality in it all
you just can't show it can you
it pains you too much right?
that's the only explanation right?

it's just tough to accept
the words the cadences the looks the crys the forgets the past
look what you've grown up into
one day, you'll make believers out of us all
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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Posted by:accrued_failure.
Time:9:29 pm.
I want to tell you...
But just as I start
You love some girl
Named Katy. You think
She's interesting and
I guess I'm never
Enough for you.
I wanted to tell you
The truth, that I love
You and now I wish I
Weren't me and I wish
I were the girl named
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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Posted by:accrued_failure.
Time:9:29 pm.
Sometimes I wish I could kill you
I have to have a reason?
I don't know, maybe I'm just psychotic
I think I would dismember you bit by bit
Give you a hand gun
And torture you with its emptiness
Maybe I won't kill you after all.
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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Posted by:nesto.
Time:9:48 pm.
and somehow i'm back in my grandfathers basement,
the hidden pier by the anacostia, across but not connected to huffers on the other broken end
my apartment
wisconsin avenue
in somewhat longer then an instant i'm right back
racking my brain for answers, wondering how it got this far
nah, nah, don't go that route, cause i'm going to play it as is
this is open, this is solid, this is how i was made
and concieved, and brought, my upbringing foretold that
always be honest, that's part of the religion, you don't know how true those words are...
between the lines i see nothing but empty space
and in those lines i see a prison
and in that prison i see trees, branching every which way
and the forest i see, a hedgemaze of sorts, does nothing but hold back what should be a wide open space

but but but
i see the better way
but it feels like i'm the only one willing to go
but it feels like the more i see, the more the one that i am the one putting the iron to the fire to make it stronger, watering the garden so that it might bear fruit
and i see how it's taken otherwise, i see how it's misconstrued, how not going along translates into something otherwise
but i can't explain without falling
but the thing is
all you had to do was ask.
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Posted by:nesto.
Time:9:34 pm.
no excuse, no recourse
a little bit loose, a lil bit forced
damn this old heart of mine
doomed to follow trails that follow trails that follow trails of a scent that has gone stale
hunter or hunted, i've seen the tops of the trees sway like you never took one step
cock back and send it, can say you never meant it, but after you've ended the change is cemented
keep burnin those bridges son
one day you'll be able to say you're the only one.
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Posted by:___gasp.
Time:7:05 am.
and you said your name was streptococci and
        you were a man with a plan and
I despised you, fingersnapped tuxedo mask you
        impossible red red truck with
 impatience and intricate web scarred wrists, JESUS,              I hated you
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Thursday, November 11th, 2004

Subject:let's get high, boy.
Posted by:summeressence.
Time:9:25 pm.
Let's dance in the honeydew rain amongst the purple mist, where I can ballet with your watercolour ghost and fly with the strawberry champagne fireflies. We'll go to the place where peachpuff kitty sits in the gold-dusk stormdrain singing her sweltering cotten-candy siren song. We can lie in the drowsy cherry pools of cornflowerblue confetti and drink cheap wine and float away when we are too drunk to drive.
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Friday, January 9th, 2004

Subject:Love Poem.
Posted by:hellshouseplant.
Time:12:06 am.
"I love you,"
she said.

"More people should,"
he replied.
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Thursday, December 25th, 2003

Subject:a new member says hello with a poem
Posted by:liverlily.
Time:12:56 am.
so this is lighthouse rock star brain dead soup, and I though I was livin the dream, dead and gone Sally man, dead and gone... breathe down my neck baby doll victoria secret perfumer and death by asphyxiation, oh dreamer- catch the bloody wave, and periods are followed by sentences, like fertility, and this grrrl, black and blue with thoughts of you and that sweet revenge oh black lip'd vision of the goddess in me... oh chicken shit asshole with poodles and glass, you take it so sweet if it comes up the ass, oh toddle and coddle, and sing like the song don't wait too long for me, cuz I wont come along...

nice meeting you all,
merry nexmas, if you so desire.
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Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Subject:Material Boy
Posted by:hellshouseplant.
Time:1:55 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
He told me
I didn't fit
into his life
I didn't fit
into his microwave
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Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Posted by:nesto.
Time:5:30 pm.
related i guess to strangers
my landlord, my neighbor
close ones bring their own brand of danger
but it's the ones that would hurt you that are slow to anger
we chose the banner and held it high
we just trying to see how we might survive
live and direct, never so sure who to love and protect
trying to live with no regrets, but i can't believe i went into debt
for her, with her, in spite of some girl out there floating in the mists
she's not the part that i miss from year's gone by

the world is my oyster and everyone wants to clam up
the pearls of wisdom go to those that stand up
and demand it, it's as if we planned it to match the output of planet
and i keep those close that try to keep close
that's my family, the rest are ghosts
who sometimes return from beyond the grave, i try to save those i can
but a savior is not who i am.
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Subject:history class.
Posted by:urbansoulfairy.
Time:1:51 pm.
free tibet
against their will
i think I'll wait til i get them all back
do you have a bandaid
what is this
do you need an assistant
he's fine
the dali llama is fine
you read it already
the deeper you drill the more you pay
can you come here real quick
turn around turn around turn around
she was talking to you
it means you're given some freedom
but you can't have your own country
we are so happy and we are so sad
that poster is from africa
if you wish to share them
I'm not, you know
questions or comments?
the only response might be nonviolent
if you hit me, I'll hit you back
you don't have time to be nonviolent
unless we have a discussion
put our hatred aside
it' raining oil
let me give you an example
if I may
first of all
and that type of thing.
also uh
but this was, uh
I think a lot of us know
well if India can
maybe that was the way
hitler could have be defeated with nonviolence
he's always a guest
like a lot of
to like, cool out
back off
not be so oppressive
from time to time
to kind of like back off
thinks they should
may not all the time
practice this religion
they do it privately
if you wanna be in
so is there churches
there are not many churches
religion is a drug
create paradise on earth
we were never part of china.
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Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Posted by:nesto.
Time:2:16 pm.
loose, unlikely
who's gonna fight me?
mighty on the side and right all the time
words dropped like pennies off the top of the empire state
down to the well below
they are well below
but don't know it don't ya know?
everything in due course
find the new source
but you can't make me be your new horse
run ragged and often out of breath
i stand on the other side, looking at what's still left
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Subject:not quite the first post
Posted by:nesto.
Time:7:06 pm.
don't you hate when someone creates a community and then doesn't post anything? yeah that's pretty lame.

anyway, a post and a clearer description will be forthcoming soon enough.

aren't you excited?
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LiveJournal for unintentional poems.

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You're looking at the latest 18 entries.